DOW Svierge – Norrkoping, Sweden

Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC were contacted by Dow to provide a method of tanker access so that visiting tankers could pull alongside a new platform facility and open/inspect any number of manlids on the tanker top. Dow had identified that many tanker drivers were climbing up onto their tanker tops, without the benefit of fall protection, to carry out this task adjacent to the loading and unloading spots. Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC worked with Dow to design a Track Mounted Gangway System that would allow all tankers visiting the
site to use the access facility.

The system was built by in South Carolina, USA and supplied in a 20’ container direct to site, where it was unloaded and installed by Dow contractors. The installation instructions provided were simple to follow and precise manufacturing made the assembly an effortless task.

Johan Axby, Dow Project Engineer comments “The Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC Fall Protection System works well and is actually used for access onto trucks that are not unloading at this station. Drivers go there voluntarily to open ventilation and then drive from there to their unloading spot rather than attempting to climb their own access ladders. A
good reference for a safety system is if it is used even without people being pushed, as all people tend to like shortcuts”.

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