Dual Sided Elevating Access Platforms and Loading Arms

This project was awarded to Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC by Jacobs Engineering in Singapore.
JEL constructed the Greenfield site on Jurong Island. The bay is double sided and the tankers park on weighbridges. Huntsman has a wide variety of trailers visiting the bay for both loading and unloading. The object was to provide an access solution, which could meet all the tanker heights and allow them to park in the same place every time for weighing accuracy. An added complication was the need to load up to eight different liquids in each bay.

Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC proposed designing a dual sided elevating truck access system.
This is a vertically elevating platform with flip‐up floor panels that allows operators to walk freely and safely on top of the tanker anywhere along it’s length. Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC further proposed a dual sided manifold arrangement, which gave simple yet effective liquid selection to the operators. The manifold is positioned at a higher level than the access platform to allow adequate drainage down to the tanker.

Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC also supplied the Tanker Earthing system which is linked to the site DCS and Loading Arm control system. The Loading Arm can only be used when it has met a strict set of safety permissives and proved it’s operating position and safe status. The Earthing System is one of those permissives. The elevating platforms are powered by an air driven hydraulic pump. This drives the cylinders up and down as necessary to provide 1.5 metre vertical range. Limit switches on the underside of the platforms stop the downward travel when the tanker is detected to prevent damage and also prevent interference with the accuracy of the weighbridge.

The Manifold has almost zero cross liquid contamination and saved a considerable amount of space and cost for the client. Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC developed the scheme after working closely with the EPC – Jacobs Engineering and their client – Huntsman to provide a scheme that would be future proofed for safety, environmental and manual handling legislation.

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