10-Year Bridge-Building Project Encourages Cement Company to Relocate Loading Facility, Utilize New Infrastructure Equipment and Improve Safety Mechanisms

When the states of Missouri and Illinois agreed to connect the cities of St. Louis and East St. Louis, it was by a bridge that spanned the Mississippi River. After ten years of planning, the final destination site landed squarely in a privately-held cement manufacturer’s barge loading facility in St. Louis, Missouri.

In turn, the cement manufacturer found itself in the position to relocate its barge loading facility, which included the moving of existing process pipe, the erection of a new pipe bridge, installing fall prevention equipment at all barge access points, and moving utilities from the existing facility to the new loading site.

Therefore, with a tight deadline and requirements from local, state, federal, and marine entities in hand, the cement manufacturer began the search for a partner who could help the company continue to safely ship product from its relocated facility with minimal downtime and affect on budget. Not only did they require a partner who could guarantee a tight project timeline and budget, but could also successfully coordinate the solution with various engineering firms to ensure the full integration with marine and land components, provide engineering documentation for various state agencies for permitting, and most importantly, provide safe access across all points of their barges for employees.

After evaluating several vendors, the cement manufacturer chose Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC, the world leader in fall prevention solutions, and a past partner in other projects with the company. Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC was chosen because of its past successes, their superior ability to coordinate with various groups involved in the project, its competitive price and lead time, and its practice of open, productive communication with all parties involved.

Taking into consideration the requirements from all involved parties, Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC recommended the installation of a marine gangway to ensure the safe access of the manufacturer’s employees to the staging barge. This custom solution consisted of an engineered gangway which can handle the various levels of the Mississippi River, as well as meet all local, state, and Coast Guard requirements. Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC also recommended a barge-to-barge gangway to provide safe access from the staging barge to the shipping barge during the loading process.

As a result of the project, Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC not only ensured the safety of the manufacturer’s workforce when processing barges, but also enabled the cement manufacturer to successfully move their river loading spot on time and on budget, ensuring the continued production and shipping of product across the United States.

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