Global Food and Beverage Producer Implements new Custom Fall Protection System from Carbis
Custom Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC Fall Protection Solution Installed in Less than 8 Hours by Client’s Own Personnel

Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC was chosen to design a customized fall protection solution for a global food and beverage producer that had outgrown its antiquated truck access platforms. The producer operates four production facilities, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and employees more than 1,600 across the United States. In addition to employee safety, the company wanted to ensure its compliance with safety regulations. The client select Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC because of its expertise in fall prevention solutions, customized bulk loading access equipment, and turnkey systems for truck, rail, and marine applications. Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC utilized the client’s existing infrastructure and constructed a comprehensive cage system that eliminates the need for employee harnesses. The new fully-powered system solution is in place at all times to protect the operators. The potentially negative effect on critical throughput capabilities was minimized via the design of the system, which Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC engineered as a modular infrastructure that allowed the client’s own maintenance personnel to perform the installation in just eight hours. Because of the new system, the producer can provide its operators with up-to-date safe access and adhere to its strict safety standards at the same time. The producer was so happy with the outcome of its partnership with Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC that it plans to install a similar system at a facility in New York.

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