Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia Rail Loading Platforms Feature Multiple Hatches

Get custom equipment to access the entire length of the railcar.

Companies that need simultaneous access to rail multiple hatches will find their best solutions with Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia. We offers a range of products engineered and fabricated to suit your unique loading/unloading environment. With Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia equipment, your work force will be able to access the entire length of all rail car types with maximum safety Since not all rail cars are the same, it is critical that your equipment provider understand the details of effective fall prevention solutions.

Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia will help you address everything from Greenfield to retrofit with our rail multiple hatches, eliminating the need for tie-offs and optimizing workplace safety.


Boost productivity and revenue with our safer railcar solutions.

Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia rail multiple hatch solutions provide quick and safe access to all areas of a rail car at one time, which means you get faster throughput and enhanced safety for your work force. The engineers and designers at Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia offer equipment suited to your specifications. This equipment will provide safer work environments, increase the productivity of your workers, reduce costly downtime, and result in higher satisfaction among your customers.

Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia Rail Loading Racks and other rail multiple hatch approaches are designed to clear rail car envelopes, with either manually operated systems or powered systems – your choice. You are likely to enjoy higher revenues when Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia systems are implemented at your facility.

loading rack platform station

Rail Loading Platforms Carbis Australia tank loading platform

The ability to quickly and safely access all required areas of your railcar at a single time can provide quicker throughput and safer working conditions. Sam Carbis and Carbis Australia engineers and manufactures various rail multiple hatch solutions to help you:

  • Offer safer working conditions
  • Access all required areas at a single time
  • Provide quicker throughput
  • Increase work force productivity
  • Reduce downtime
  • Create more satisfied customers

Our solutions are designed to clear your rail car envelopes — and manually operated and power systems can be supplied. The return will be an immediate increase in revenue!

Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC Maximizes Fall Protection for Chemical Institute
When large chemical firm were reviewing their existing loading infrastructure used to access multiple vehicle types, they realized that their safety equipment required an update. Using four elevated cage-style loading racks, operators found it difficult to access the multiple vehicle types processed daily in a safe and efficient manner. They called upon Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC…

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Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC Enhances Safety, Improves Throughput for Railcar Maintenance Company
Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC custom-designed a dual-sided platform system with safe access locations for each rail rolling stock spotting on the rail spur in the new cleaning facility. The system consisted of safe access gangways at each working location. Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC also recommended the installation of safety cages for all operators and technicians, as well as an overhead monorail system for fall protection when working on the rolling stock.

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Fall Protection for Rail Cars
The company’s desire was to add fall prevention to the tops of rail cars. Due to customer commitments, down time needed to be limited to short periods (half a day time slots at most). The installation had to occur around continuing operational processes and product flow. Not only did the company have financial and timeline constrains, the area of the application had more limitations.

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