Vacuum trucks, along with their hoses and hose connections, may accumulate static charges when materials are transferred into and out of their containment systems. Static charge accumulation represents a hidden ignition source; if it discharges as a static spark, there is a danger that either the material or the environment in which the truck is being loaded or unloaded may ignite, causing a fire or explosion.

Safe Operation of Vacuum Trucks in the Petroleum Industry (API RP 2219)
API Standard 2219 Safe Operation of Vacuum Trucks in Petroleum Service has recommended that operators of vacuum trucks fully ground their trucks before taking any other action in situations where they must load/unload combustible materials in hazardous environments. In such cases, the truck must be connected to a “proven ground source.” The MGV system available from Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC is designed to allow operators the means to ground their vacuum trucks safely as established in API Standard 2219.

The Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC MGV can also be fitted to vehicles used for bulk transport, which allows drivers to determine if the specified grounding point at the delivery location is operating as it should

Power Supply: 12V or 24V DC
Power Rating: 10 watt
Ambient Temperature Range: -40 degC to +55 degC
Ingress Protection: IP 66 / NEMA4
Weight: 2 kgs (4.4lbs) net
Construction: Carbon-Loaded GRP
Certification: Request Technical Specification datasheet
Monitoring Circuit: Intrinsically Safe


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